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 The objective of ABetterSociety.Info is to provide information and discussion on ways to go about making society better. We begin by using a positive approach in our efforts to accomplish this objective. It is outlined in the following page with more in-depth information to follow. Later various improvement opportunities will be discussed.

 To bring about social improvement it is necessary to understand that a society functions as an interrelated whole. In some ways a society functions something like a chess game. A successful player knows that, when made, a move may look like a masterful stroke, but it may be the move that ultimately leads to losing the game. Such a move may not have taken into account all possible factors that might make it wrong.

 That is to say, many factors must be known, understood, and considered in implementation of a societal improvement effort. If all factors are not understood and considered, it is possible that a well-meaning effort has the potential of making life worse instead of better.

 A social scientist will have knowledge and understanding of the many, dynamic factors that cause a society to function. He or she will be able to identify improvement opportunities and how to implement effective approaches to address them in ways that will make life better for the many instead of making it worse.

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