We are posting on our website ABetterSociety.Info editorials that were mostly submitted to the Suffolk News-Herald in Suffolk, Virginia. Many were published in that paper and are still found on their website at through a search on Joe’s name – Joseph L. Bass

We have not yet had the time to combine our ideas into book format. If someone would like to fund such an effort that will be very much appreciated.  But at least these small capsules of thought are made available for readers.

Except for the first editorial on Jesus as a social revolutionary the articles are not presented in any particular order. Some deal with specific issues relating to Suffolk, Virginia, where we live. Some relate to past events in other places. But the fundament ideas included are universal to all American cities.

The article “Jesus – A Social Revolutionary” is presented first based on our belief that all Christians have a responsibility to strive to make the world a better place.  In our thinking his ideas of love and equality for all people, regardless of their position in society, points to the way we should be heading.  

Joe recently taught a Sunday school series dealing with the society Jesus lived in and the type of new society he pointed us toward. A review of the progression of Western society during the last 2000 years indicates the old frameworks of thinking prior to Jesus’ time have clung on to all societies and indicate how much further we need to go to achieve his objectives established for us as found in the Great Commission.

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