Talks and Dialogues


Joe Bass is available to present talks and participate in public dialogues dealing with a variety of subject relating to our ideas included on our website.

 A few topics include:

o - Jesus as a revolutionary.

o - Types of cultures - hunter-gatherers, class based, and equality-based societies and their impact on the world today.

o – The conflict of cultures in American history – abolitionism, slavery, Jim Crow, and the third civil rights movement.

o – Frederick Douglass and respect.

o – Native American experience – mainstream or poverty.

o – Motivation and the War on Poverty

o – And others

Participation is free in the Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia. Travel fees will be included in areas beyond. 

To arrange for a talk, workshop, or more formal address contact us at the following:


ABetterSociety.Info, Inc.

1533 Moores Point Road

Suffolk, Virginia 23436