Studying Societies

A Digression

A challenge involved in studying any society is knowing about and understanding its whole. All societies function through interaction of interrelated social and geographic forces. Unfortunately, university academics study fragments of these forces such as economics, psychology, political science, law, history, art, literature, music, geography, and so one.

 The challenge with our academic “as-is” is that the study of social sciences results in what might be called “silos” of knowledge. Each scholar views the world from within his or her silo without understanding how all the parts fit together into the whole, interrelated realities that make up a society.

 Our approach to social issues at ABetterSociety.Info is to view societies from a holistic, gestalt point of view. We think we can better discern a society’s realities and understand its improvement opportunities by studying the interaction of social forces within a society instead of studying its parts.

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