The Pattern of Hunter-Gatherer Societies

This page and the following discuss the common social pattern found among hunter-gatherer societies. Although examples are noted, the information included does not tell about a particular group or tribe. It tells about the social structure commonly found among people that can only meet their needs from what they find in nature. They have no agriculture to grow food and no domesticated animals to depend upon. Some people still live this way in isolated areas of the world.

The hunter-gatherer social pattern was the original social structure developed by humans to meet their physical and social needs as discussed by Abraham Maslow.

Information dealing with the hunter-gatherer social structure includes:

Ø  Control of land, resources, and safety for survival.

Ø  Belonging to the tribe.

Ø  Personal self-respect and being respected by others,

Ø  Being “self-actualized” within the tribal structure.

Readers’ Homework Assignment – While reading about the hunter-gatherers, identify social characteristics they had to incorporate into their cultures to meet their needs that are challenges today in our efforts to create an equality-based society. 

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