Milk Toast Politically Correct World

Advance Notice


The purpose of this section of our website is to provide advance notice to those that are offended by realities that we deal with directly.  To make for a better world we have to know about and address real issues. We have to understand why people do what they do. We have to understand that “goodness” and “badness” is primarily a point of view issue. When one group is doing something they consider “good” it is not uncommon for another group to consider them as being “bad.”

 We are not about identifying people as “bad” or “good.” We are about discerning why negative social situations exist and what positive actions can be taken to overcome them. But a major challenge in addressing issues is people’s tendency to not want to acknowledge negative realities. Please consider.

 Today we live in a milk toast, politically correct world. This is one of our greatest hindrances.

 Many are not familiar “milk toast.” During the first half of the last century (1900’s) it was a popular comfort food. Although it can be prepared different ways, the basic ingredients are old bread or toast with warm milk poured over it. During this time a popular comic strip character was Casper Milquetoast who was known as a timid, shrinking, apologetic, ineffectual person.

 Today we are all too much like Casper. Our tendency to be like him prevents us from acknowledging past and present realities. This is particularly true regarding issues associated with race, ethnicity, religion, or heritage. Each group strives to highlight their group’s “goodness” and becomes highly offended if someone points out the realities of their group’s previous or current “badness.” Another tendency involves groups that want to portray themselves as perpetually downtrodden victims that can did no wrong and have never been responsible for harming others or having to do anything to better themselves to become winners.

 Never acknowledging and attempting to understand and address cultural realities serves only to make us timid, shrinking, apologetic, ineffectual, milk toast, politically correct people like Casper.

 This message advises readers the information included on our website will probably offend nearly everyone one way or another. There is no racial, ethnic, religious, heritage group that has always been “good” and has never done something “bad” to other groups at one time in their history. All groups of humans have done awful things to other groups. People want to think well of their group and tend to not acknowledge negative issues associated with themselves.  This is a normal human tendency.

 But if we are going to directly address social negatives we have to determine why they exist. Covering them up and ignoring them isn’t going to help. Please keep in mind while reading our material we are not about fixing bad people. We are about finding ways to correct negative situations that result in people doing “bad” things to other people.

 We are sorry realities upset people but we see no other way to overcome social negatives without acknowledging their existence and finding ways to correct the situations that cause them. Please bear with us regarding this.

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